Motivation and Emotion

National Council of Educational Research and Training (2020) Motivation and Emotion. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

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Sunita, a girl from a little known town, puts in 10-12 hours of hard work every day in order to get through the various engineering entrance examinations. Hemant, the physically challenged boy, wants to take part in an expedition and trains himself extensively in a mountaineering institute. Aman saves money from his scholarship so that he can buy a gift for his mother. These are just a few examples, which indicate the role motivation plays in human behaviour. Each of these behaviours is caused by an underlying motive. Behaviour is goal-driven. Goal-seeking behaviour tends to persist until the goal is achieved. For achieving their goals people plan and undertake different activities. How is Sunita going to feel if after all the hard work she has put in, she does not succeed or Aman’s scholarship money gets stolen. Sunita, perhaps, will be sad and Aman angry. This chapter will help you to understand the basic concepts of motivation and emotion and related developments in these two areas. You will also get to know the concepts of frustration and conflict. The basic emotions, their biological bases, overt expressions, cultural influences, their relationship with motivation, and some techniques to help you manage your emotions better will also be dealt with.

Item Type: Teaching/Learning Resource
Program: Methods of Enquiry in Psychology
Learning outcomes: To understand the nature of human motivation and emotional expression
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Subjects: Teaching Pedagogies
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