Key Resource: Using Investigations in the Classroom

Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa and The Open University (2016) Key Resource: Using Investigations in the Classroom. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

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Children are naturally curious. Good teaching exploits this very human characteristic. Over the past few decades, increasing attention has been given to using investigative approaches in the classroom. Rather than just telling pupils something, why not make them think about a topic or area of enquiry? At its simplest, this might just be asking a question rather than ‘telling’. This promotes a more active approach that is much more effective than passive ‘telling’ in promoting lasting learning. Increasingly, however, teachers plan to use investigations to promote active learning. Investigations are already well established in the teaching of science (through experiments) but the same technique can be used in all subjects. Mathematics or numeracy, for example, becomes much more interesting if pupils have to work out real problems. The same is true of other subjects. In geography or social studies, rather than just telling pupils about environmental problems, why not set them a task? You will find a number of examples of topics that can be taught in this way in the TESSA modules. There are different strategies for approaching investigations. Below is a detailed example when looking at the teaching of science topics, but you can take a similar approach in any area. The following basic steps can be taken.

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Program: Using Investigations in the Classroom
Learning outcomes: Key learning interpretations through questioning and investigation approach lead to active learning
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